On the Road Body Weight Workout

It’s easy to let your workouts slide when you are not on your normal schedule. If you are a frequent flyer your gains and goals can feel like one step forward and two steps back with each trip. Enter the on the road body weight workout. Whether you are finishing up your summer travels this month or about to head out for business, check out these tips that can help you stay committed to a workout routine no matter where your travels take you.

Pack A Pair

Of sneakers that is. Leave home prepared to do something. This could be just walking around or finding something fun to do. At the very least pack one pair of sneakers – honestly my favorite New Balance shoes take up less space than that extra pair of heels I end up not wearing. Roll up one set of workout clothes and if you want to get crazy pack a swimsuit if you will be close to water.

Get Outside

To me, nothing beats being outside. Depending on your time and the weather a simple walking tour can help you see the sites while clearing your mind. Trails, parks and beaches are great ways to spend some QT with your family. Think bicycle or in-line skate rentals. If water is your thing check out something new besides swimming. Test out surfing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, or canoeing. It will challenge your brain and your body and you may walk away with a really cool “souvenir” hobby. Figuring out you love surfing may end up serving you better than the fridge magnet.

The Workout

It’s simple, you can do it anywhere and it doesn’t take up too much time. Plan to crank it out first thing in the morning and all of your other actives are bonus calorie burns!

– 20 push ups
– 30 seconds – jump squats
– 20 glute bridges
– 30 seconds – plank
– 30 seconds – rest
– repeat 3 times

Remember, it takes longer than a week’s vacation to lose gains but if you want an easier transition back to reality remember consistency is king! Use this quick workout next time you travel to hit the major muscles and keep you on point and feeling good.

About Heather Valentine

Heather Valentine is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist who believes in building your best body from the inside out.

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