Our individual nutritional needs are different so we need to fuel our bodies in a way that is unique to our make up.  My coaching strategies are based on clean eating principals and I help you break them down into small manageable steps.  Programs are designed to educate you to become a more conscious eater while keeping your specific goals in mind.

Initial Nutrition Consultation

We will speak by phone, Skype or email about your specific concerns, needs and health goals. You will receive an email that will include my client assessment form and a 3 Day Food Journal for you to fill out and return.

Jump Start Food Journal Assessment

Log your foods for 3 days and email it over for review. This can be an eye opening and affordable service to get you started on your path to eating healthier.

Macronutrient Prescription

I specialize in Macro Prescriptions tailored to your goals and lifestyle. Your unique prescription is based on current caloric intake, goals, training schedule, emotional relationship with food, and stage of life for maximum results.

Nutrition Coaching

Choose either 1, 2 or 3 months of coaching. After your 3 day food journal is received I will create a personalized nutrition plan. You will also receive recommendations on menu planning and a healthy foods grocery shopping list.  We will speak weekly for the duration you choose for check ins and to keep you accountable and on track. Our sessions may include goal setting, modifications to your nutrition plan, working through road blocks, etc. Our first session will last 1 hr and the following weekly check in sessions last approximately 30 minutes.

Follow up Sessions

These sessions are designed to help keep you on track and achieving results and can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Restaurant Menu Analysis

If you are someone who spends a lot of time traveling for work or entertaining in restaurants choosing healthy options can be challenging.  Email me a list of the restaurants you frequent often and I will look at their menus to find you dishes that will support the goals you are trying to achieve.  This will help you to better understand what you are ordering and you may even find a new favorite along the way.

Recipe Makeovers

I want you to love what you eat, so I can turn your favorite high calorie meals and comfort foods, kid favorites or desserts into great tasting, healthier versions.


Healthy Shopping on a Budget

Good quality food does not have to cost a fortune if you learn how to get the basics down. Learn what staple foods you should have on hand and where to find them at the best price without skimping on quality. Learn what produce is truly important to purchase organic. You will be given a detailed shopping list that will include choices and alternatives for your clean eating pantry staples. This will give you all the tools you will need for setting yourself up for success in the kitchen.  We meet at an agreed location for approximately 60 min.

Pantry Clean Out

Let’s weed out all the junk to set you up for success in your home.  Learn how to identify package labels and how to keep those pantry shelves clean.

Personal Cooking Class/Systemizing your Kitchen

Everything works better with a good system in place.  Having an organized kitchen can make cooking so much easier and enjoyable.  Learn the basic tools and techniques that can help you save energy, time and money throughout the week. I will show you how to prepare clean eating basics in your own kitchen that will keep you and your family healthy