Healthy Make Ahead Lunch Bowls

Don't worry about making your work lunch in the morning, make them ahead of time with this collection of healthy and delicious lunch bowl recipes!
It’s make ahead lunch bowl time! Whether you are packing a lunch just for you or your family these bowls are a great way to keep lunch healthy and in line with a proper balance of protein, carbs and fats.

The best part about these single bowl ideas is that they can be made ahead of time and in batches. (I usually make three days worth at a time.) And by mixing and matching ingredients you won’t die of bowl boredom.

First, grab some to go containers. I like glass and can always find some in the aisles of my favorite Home Goods store or these disposable Glad containers work just as well. Next, follow these simple instructions:

1. Choose your greens (1-2 cups women and men)
2. Choose a carb (1/4 -1/2 cup women and ½ -1 cup men)
3. Select a protein (1/2 cup women and 1 cup men)
4. Choose (or not) from the list of options (thumb size)
5. Combine ingredients in a bowl to be tossed later
6. Pack your dressings/sauces on the side (1-2 T)

Greens:                                                                  Carbs:

  • Micro                                                        Quinoa
  • Arugula                                                      Bulgar
  • Mixed                                                        Rice
  • Baby                                                         Black Beans
  • Kale                                                          Farro
  • Romaine                                                   Lentils
  • Bok Choy                                                  Couscous
  • Spring                                                       Freekeh

Protein:                                                              Options:

  • Chicken                                                 Green Beans
  • Ground Turkey                                       Beets
  • Beef                                                       Peppers
  • Pork                                                       Olives
  • Salmon                                                  Goat Cheese, Feta
  • Tofu                                                        Pepperochinis
  • Tempeh                                                 Fresh Herbs (cilantro,chives, basil, etc)

Dressings:   Read labels and choose dressings and salsas that are lower in sugar and salt.

It’s fun to get creative and play around with different ingredients and themes – mediterranean, mexican, etc.  Let me know what you create – I am always looking for fresh ideas. Not only that, these bowls will have great numbers if you’re counting macros.

While you’re prepping – consider one of these overnight oats recipe for a great breakfast or snack that you can take with you on the go.

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