Healthy Make Ahead Lunch Bowls

It’s make ahead lunch bowl time! Whether you are packing a lunch just for you or your family these bowls are a great way to keep lunch healthy and in line with a proper balance of protein, carbs and fats. The best part about these single bowl ideas is that they can be made ahead […]

Kale Superfood Salad with Creamy Balsamic Recipe

I love kale.  I know, I know it sounds very LA.   Speaking purely from a nutritionist and food lover standpoint, I love kale because it’s one of the most nutrient dense and detoxifying greens around. It’s loaded with calcium, fiber and vitamins A, C and K.  And I love the way it tastes with protein […]

Recipe: Clean Eating Chopped Kale Caesar Salad

Since I am home from my travels and we are in the process of Going Crim, I wanted to share with you a great recipe that utilizes the Inside Cleaner, Tummy Leaner Superfood Kale.  This salad (and variations thereof) helps me stay full as I begin shrinking my stomach back to reality while supplying my […]

Recipe: Paleo and Clean Eating Avocado Deviled Eggs

  An old plate inspired this clean eating, paleo friendly and so damned delicious avocado deviled egg recipe.  It’s not just any old plate.  This is my vintage deviled egg plate that I found years ago in a thrift store in Chicago.  (I was poppin’ tags way before it was cool.)  I loved that plate […]

Recipe: Petite Apricot Cakes

These little gluten free cakes are delicious and easy. Trust me because I am not a baker. Now I do love to cook – because I can freely sample and taste as I go or even change direction altogether if the music in the kitchen inspires me. Not so much with baking. I am learning […]