15 Minute Cardio Abs Workout for Fatloss

15 minute cardio abs workout one fit motherTry this cardio abs workout when you are short on time for a fast calorie burn. This can also be used as warm ups, finishers or toss them into the middle of your other workouts.

Most importantly, make sure that your abs are turned on. By that I mean brace those abs like a kidlet was going to jump on your tummy. Your abs should feel strong when you brace as opposed to how they feel sucking them in. Try it – First, lay on the floor and flatten out your legs. Next, take a big deep breath. Just when you think you’ve taken in enough air, inhale a little more. Now as you exhale drive your ribcage into the ground connecting it with you pelvis. Hold that position like a kid is about to jump on you. Voila. Don’t forget to breath around that brace.

15 Minute Cardio Abs Workout

Minimum 2 sets

50 butterfly sit ups

100 jump rope

100 flutter kicks

100 jump rope

50 leg raises

100 jump ropes

100 mountain climbers

100 jump rope

50 penguin sit ups

For more fun, take this and combine it with these treadmill workouts, ramp up your stairs routine, or add it to one of these jump rope workouts. or even a hill sprint. Don’t forget to pair all of your workouts with a healthy diet full of lean protein for more visible abs and don’t forget to stretch.



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Heather Valentine is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist who believes in building your best body from the inside out.


  1. I have seen a lot of people struggling to have the perfect abs. Most of them find it hard to achieve it because they do not have the proper guide. I think with the information you provided it will help them a lot.

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