Recipe: Clean Eating Cauliflower Mash and Grilled Portabella Mushrooms

Mmmm Mmmm.   I am obsessed with cauliflower mash lately.  It’s so versatile and I’m not sure I can eat enough of it.    I am particularly fond of this dish because you can do most of the prep ahead of time and when your guests arrive or you’ve been out all day, it takes minutes […]

Urban Container Gardening

My latest experiment around the house is urban container gardening on my balcony. Pictures of gorgeous vertical gardens on Pinterest inspired me late one night although I have set realistically small expectations for myself in the light of day. You see prior to this attempt I have had zero success with edibles unless I count […]

Recipe: Petite Apricot Cakes

These little gluten free cakes are delicious and easy. Trust me because I am not a baker. Now I do love to cook – because I can freely sample and taste as I go or even change direction altogether if the music in the kitchen inspires me. Not so much with baking. I am learning […]

Meet Heather Valentine One Fit Mother

Hi I’m Heather Valentine and this is One Fit Mother.  Welcome to my blog about my continuous pursuit of health and happiness and looking good in a bikini. I work at living a more conscious and meaningful life and attempt to balance the whole work, mom, wife, friend thing. Sometimes I find success and sometimes […]