5 At Home Workouts for Moms

5 at home workouts for moms that are quick on time yet burn fat and keep muscle using bodyweight. Choose from full body, splits, abs and cardio.These 5 at home workouts for moms are great options when you have small kids at home. They work because you can fit them in whenever you find some time; there’s no pressure to push your body further than what feels right; and it doesn’t matter what you wear or how you look! Plus in those early years with Littles, in order to exercise consistently, a home workout may be the best solution – time and cost wise.

It’s important to workout safely and efficiently from home. Here are a few things to keep in mind…

Listen to your body and understand its limitations

Remember that your joints are still loose up to 5 months post partum while some studies have suggested the hormone relaxin doesn’t leave your body until you’re finished breastfeeding. Acknowledge that your mama body needs to heal before being pushed too hard. Build your workouts gradually.

Do all exercises at the proper level for your core strength

If you have significant diastasis recti or pelvic floor weakness take things slowly and cautiously when it comes to any type of core work and steer clear of high impact exercises. Please take the time to heal.

Figure out which exercises you like and the ones that work for you

It’s time to freestyle! Soon you will know exactly what stretches ease tight, sore muscles and help your posture, which exercises challenge you just enough; and what high intensity sequences get your blood pumping. Mix it up and make up your own routines.

How to Get the Most Out of At Home Workouts

Don’t forget to warm up

No matter what you do, your warm up should be dynamic enough to get your heart rate up. It could be as simple as a walking with your baby. Or if you need something more: 30 jumping jacks, 20 air squats, 10 push ups – one to three rounds.

Use slow and controlled movements during the strength exercises

Exhale during the hardest part of the movement, and inhale on the release. Don’t hold your breath! 
 Make sure your abs and butt are turned on.

The best time to foam roll and stretch is when muscles are warm

All stretches should be held for 30-60 seconds. Don’t forget to breathe and relax into any stretch. Don’t bounce and don’t hold your breath. For a comprehensive guide to foam rolling go here.

The following workouts are designed without equipment. Use your own body weight to challenge your muscles. Perform exercises labeled “A” then exercise labeled as “B,” rest, then repeat for prescribed sets/reps.

When you’re ready for more, consider a backpack and fill it with books, canned goods, rice, or even your own baby for exercises like squats and planks. If you’re ready for weighted arm movement and don’t have dumbbells at home, start out with cans of food, move to water bottles, and then try laundry detergent. Get creative.

Lower Body

1A. Bodyweight Squat

1B. Lying Glute Bridge

4 sets, 25 reps. 30-60 seconds between sets

2A. Reverse Lunge

2B. Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

4 sets, 10 reps, 60-90 seconds between sets

3. Wall Sit

Lean against a wall and squat down until your knees are bent at 90 degrees and your shins are vertical to the ground. Hold the position. Complete one set and hold for as long as possible, Remember to embrace the quad burn.

Upper Body

1. Pushup Ladder

Perform 10 pushups, rest 30 seconds; next, 9 reps, rest 30 seconds; then do 8 reps, continuing this pattern all the way down to 1. (3 sets, 3 minutes rest between sets)

2. Plank

4 sets, 30-60-second holds, 30-60 seconds rest

3A. Bodyweight Squat

3B. Dumbbell Curl

4 sets, 20 reps (10 each arm), 60-90 seconds rest between supersets

4A. Dips (can be done on a chair)

4B. Door Pulls (With your feet on each side of the door, Hold each door handle and keep a straight body and you pull yourself towards the door)

4 sets, 5-10 reps, 45 seconds rest between supersets

Full Body

1A. Dumbbell Lunge

1B. Pushup

3 sets, 8-12 reps each, 90 seconds between supersets

2A. Glute Bridge

2B. Abs – Butterflies or V ups

3 sets, 20 reps each, 90 seconds between supersets

3A. Dumbbell Curl

3b. Dumbbell Shoulder Press

3 sets, 12-15 reps each, 2 minutes between supersets

4A. Plank

4B. Chair Dip

3 sets, as many reps as possible (60-plus seconds for plank), 90 seconds between supersets

20 Min Full Body No Equipment Cardio Circuit

25 jumping jacks

15 butterfly sit ups

10 squats

30 second plank

25 high knees

15 flutter kicks

10 push ups

30 sec plank

25 jumping jacks

15 penguins

10 each – single leg glute bridge

30 sec plank

1 min wall sit


Abs Blast

EMOM (every minute on the minute)

Glute Bridge


Bicycle or flutter kick




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